Living within your means can sometimes be a double-edged sword, depending on your goals in life. On the outside looking in, it may seem to others, significant others, friends, and family, like an expensive hobby with no potential profitable end in sight. But if you can’t see it, then you’ll never be able to grasp it, mentally or really.
Sometimes when I look at everything that I have experienced, I sit back and wonder.
“Am I a product of everything I had or everything that I never experienced?”
Because if I never experienced it, then it can affect my decisions. Would I be who I am now if I had gone without more? Or lived with more. If I had finished college “with” a degree, would I still live in Indiana as a system engineer in Kokomo, Indiana, for a fortune 100 company? Or going without college made my life much more challenging because the degree did not allow me to bypass my 30+ jobs in 7 years. But it also allowed me to experience much more than I would have ever because I truly learned to understand and appreciate hard work and the value of going “without” money.
Some people say that I work too much, but if I had gone through my life “with” more sleep, would I have missed an opportunity because I was in bed as it passed me by. If I had the money to live in a great suburban area at my younger age, would I have become complacent with my life and not strive to learn more and be better? When my living condition was so bad that I spent every waking moment outside of work at the library, literally reading a book a day for 6 months. Did those books help me get a better job? In a 1 to 1 co-relation…Probably not. But it did open up my eyes. Evolve and mature my analytical skills to take in and absorb numerous outlets of information to come to conclusions about life, the world, business, family, relationships, culture, technology, and many other things that I would have never considered if my brain had not created the neural networks for new information to be burnt into.
Every opportunity is a door leading to another set of doors. And if I do not experience this thing. Then there is an entire world of pathways leading to that thing that I may never know existed. The only regret that I have in life is never my decisions that I made but the decisions I did not make. The more you do, the more chances you give yourself to find the opportunity you’re looking for.
“Everything can be found within the numbers.”
If you want more leads, make more calls. You better job opportunities, send out more resumes, and cover letters. You want better health, calculate what your body must go “with” and “without.” With exercise, with rest, with healthier food. Without stress.
It’s all about finding a happy balance because you will always wonder and doubt critical decisions if you should or should not do something. Play now and pay later. Or pay now and play later. Every decision you make or do not make will make you.
So do you want to live your life, with or without a legacy being built throughout your life? I can go without the joys that I dream about for a little while so that my family and friends can enjoy the reap the benefits of what I gain because I was working towards one day fully understanding why I lived “Without” so that I can live “With.”