I was doing some research on health and lifestyles and came across some very interesting information. The chances of having a heart attack increase by 20% for men and 15% for women on Monday around the times of 8 and 9 am. Some research says that it is due to the stress of having to back to work. Some research says it has to do to the increase of alcohol consumption over the weekend. But either way, most people can’t wait to get out of work on Friday so they can go to happy hour or have a “few” drinks with friends that end up being a “few” more than a “few” so they can escape the stresses of work, home, or life in general. Then the build up of stress knowing that they have to prepare for work on Sunday to go back on Monday.

I once read some research on how self fulfilling prophecies work physically and literally in the body.

~ Self fulfilling prophecy – A false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the originally false conception come true

1) we harbor a belief or set of beliefs about ourselves;
2) These beliefs influence our actions towards others;
3) Our actions toward others, shaped by our beliefs about them, impact their beliefs about us;
4) Their beliefs cause them to act in ways consistent with those beliefs towards us, which reinforces our initial beliefs about ourselves.

Now imagine how this would work in a extreme example i.e. a psychic giving you a prophecy or prediction that you will die in 3 months. Do you know why some die in 3 months to the day and why some go on to live a long and prosperous life. because the body does what the mind believes wholeheartedly. To the true believer, it is a vicious cycle to the body.

It literally is a neurobiological effect created by extreme belief. A combination of the sympathetic and the parasym­pathetic arms of the autonomic nervous system.

1) sympathetic nervous system creates a persistent and extreme activation. Thus, the adrenaline release, resulting from the “cursed” victim’s perceived lack of con­trol and impending doom, overstimulated the cardiovas­cular system in a fashion similar to that of an overdose of cocaine.

2) parasympathetic nervous system responds excessively, thereby calming the person to death.

At different times within the time frame leading up to “death”, each will effect the person stronger at different times.

Belief is a real thing whether it is the Law of Attraction or believing a reality into existence.

Also the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, aka the frequency illusion. This phenomenon occurs when the thing you’ve just noticed, experienced or been told about suddenly crops up constantly. It gives you the feeling that out of nowhere, pretty much everyone and their cousin are talking about the subject — or that it is swiftly surrounding you. I.E. you just bought a red honda civic and now you see it everywhere. its not that everyone went out and bought your car, it is that the part of your brain has been activated and is noticing it now.

You can use this to your advantage by creating dream boards and writing down your goals so that your subconscious mind can begin to find and “attract” to you the things that you may now knowingly know you need to achieve those goals.

Self fulfilling prophecies are not always a bad things but you have to be aware of them and consciously use what you want to become your reality as a planned event.