Through my experience, speaking with several wealthy and rich people (yes there is a difference). I have found 2 notable qualities. 1) They do not believe in a Plan B because it takes away from Plan A which goes back to Napoleon Hills principle of “Definite of Purpose” and 2) They all have a delusional quality. Believing that something that has never happen can happen.

If you spread yourself thin or do not whole heartedly focus and concentrate all of your motivation, effort, time, and energy into your Plan A, you cannot be surprise if it fails. you are dooming your goal because you truly do not believe that it will work if you have a fallback plan. People you know and work with will know that you are not 100% committed. Imagine you are the the coach of a football team and you tell the team. “hey guys. I believe the guys. my champions. my starting lineup can win this game for us. But…. Just in case you guys can’t pull it off. i have another set of guys to fill in for you” doesn’t sound very reassuring does it. It works the same in business, relationships, and life in general. you have believe without the shadow of a doubt that you will get rich or die trying. You have to be willing to die for what you believe in.

Anything that exist now, did not always exists. Will Smith gave a great example when he said that “Being realistic is the most common road to mediocrity. Unrealistic is walking into a room and flipping a switch and the lights come on. good thing thomas edison wasn’t realistic. Unrealistic if folding up metal and flying it across the ocean. good thing the Wright brothers were not realistic” you have to believe in your vision or your dream before anyone else will. The greatest inventions, products, services, and achievements all came about because someone believed that it could be done before it did. From Martin Luther King, Jr, to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. They were both crazy but their lunacy created a revolution and an era of change and innovation that has molded our world and the way business and our lives work on a daily basis.

You have to believe in yourself first. and you have to believe that your idea will succeed even if no one in the world believes you. I believe in 4 phases to greatness.

1) no one believe you can succeed
2) once you begin to succeed, those same people told you that they knew you could do it
3) then the people that afraid or “hate” on you will try to stop you from succeeding more because of their insecurities. google “black crabs in a barrel”
4) you have reached a pinnacle of success that no one can stop you anymore.

You can do anything you put your mind to. Shoot for the heavens and worst case you’ll hit the stars.