Everyone wants to be independent but how far and how long can a person be a lone ranger before they realize that no dream worth achieving that is meant to make any meaningful change in the world cannot be done alone. Pay your own bills of your own will and effort. Absolutely. Get out of your parent’s house and live on your own. A Must!! Being in control of your own life. Can’t Emphasize Yes Enough!!! There seems to be 3 types of people. 1) I am Independent to a fault 2) I am Dependent and reliant as a fatal flaw of accepting or achieving nothing in life, limiting any personal or emotional growth and 3) Balance between the 2.

I totally understand that we all want to be our own person. We need to learn how to make our own decisions. I understand asking your friends and people you respect for their opinion on certain decision, but do we really need to consult others on every minimal decision we have to make? What is in your best interest and start moving in that direction. But this letter is for the extreme that believe that they can do anything and everything on their own. the “I can do it all by my lonesome. I don’t need anyone’s help. I am educated. I am intelligent and have the common sense to achieve great things on my own.” The only that i can say to that is, “Good luck. I’ll see you on the way back”

Name any product or service that you have ever used in your life. and i guarantee you that it was not one person. You may only know the name of one person. i.e. Facebook = Mark Zuckerberg. But there is a massive team behind that companies success. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Oprah Winfrey. Warren Buffet. Watch Warren’s documentary and at the age of 20, he was setting up meetings to get people to invest in his ideas.

I once heard,

“it takes money to make money.”

But it doesn’t have to be your money. all successful people have developed the ability to call on other people’s money. they do good work, good planning, and take good care of their money and people line up to give them their money. And in the end, it all comes down to finding people that can help you achieve your dreams. I am an expert at what i do but i know that i am not the best at other areas. But I am smart enough to have developed the ability to find experts in every area that i need things done. I don’t want to learn everything. i don’t have the time. So why not compound my time with the efforts and research of people that love to do what my company needs them to do. I can barely draw a box in photoshop but i have one of the best graphic artists that you will ever find anywhere. I know enough about finances to balance my checkbook and give it to my account. I know enough about social media to create my account and give the logins to a company that specializes in social media campaigns. I have lived on my own since i was 17 so yes i am independent but my success is dependent on my ability to know and believe that i cannot take over the world by myself. If someone is willing to help you, don’t give them the cold shoulder and allow them to help you. Because the day will come when you realize you need to not be so “Independent” and no one is there to help you anymore because they were tired of holding their hand out asking you if you need any assistance. I want to thank everyone from my business mentors that have successful companies of their own to the little kid that made a statement in his naivety that made me realize that i have so much more to learn.

Thank you all and i love all the support that i have received when i was at rock bottom and when my company took off. I appreciate and will always be here for the people i care about.