Everyone reaches a point in there life where to break through to success you have to let go of outside influences whether it is negative events, people, or things in their life or they become enlightened in realizing that they cannot do it alone but that they do not need anyone in particular’s approval or support. Everyone has several circle of friends. Close friends and family that will fight you for who will take a bullet to keep the other alive because they can’t see life without you. Circle of associates that will help you as long as they see a benefit for themselves. Circle of people that want to join your bandwagon as you push the boundaries between mediocrity and true success but are not willing to do anything to help you. And the circle of people that will do anything to hinder your progress with or without your knowledge by planting seeds of doubt, envy, jealousy and hate in you and the people within the other 3 circles around you. Keep your circles distinct but do not ignore any of them because they all have their purpose whether it is for motivation or to stay clear of those that can do your life emotional and psychological harm.