Watching an interview With 50 Cent,┬áhe made a comment that makes all the sense in the world and people refuse to listen and utilize the information. “You will get as far in life as the people that you speak to for no reason” it all goes back to basic self improvement. You will become in life who you surround yourself with a majority of the time and the books and information that you take in. If the people that you surround yourself with cannot benefit you, teach you, support you with encouragement and expert advice that you cannot learn in school or in a book but only through someone else experience, then do not be surprised when you continue down “your path” and you never reach “your goal.” I heard once from a wise man. To succeed in life is very simple. Find someone who is where you want to be in life, find out what they did to get there, do what they did (no short cuts), and one day you will have what they have. The one catch is that person is very rarely if not ever in your sphere of influence or you would already be successful. You must seek out the experts, the mentors, and the information diligently because success will never knock on your door. And in many cases, if you don’t look for the door as if your life depends on it. You will never experience success and will live your life believing that the successful are luckier than you. The successful are not over night successes but “over many nights” successful.