The major problem in today’s society from a financial standpoint is that infamous family… The Jones’ that everyone is always trying to keep up with. It is a known fact that a majority of poor and poor minded individuals live by the philosophy

“The more you make, the more you spend”…consciously or subconsciously.”

Buying things because they are available…not because they are needed. Many of the wealthiest men in the world own billions and drive Prius and Fords whereas individuals that increase their income from. $30,000 to $80,000 feel entitled to upgrade from a $30,000 Honda to an $80,000 BMW so they make more money but have the same or fewer assets(because that is not your car until you pay off that $130-150,000 loan on the $80,000 list price to the bank that allowed you to ‘pay’ for that car) Certain cultures teach their youth the meaning and purpose of money. It is a means to an end not the purpose of living. Must you dress the part in your career choice? Absolutely. But do you max out your credit cards and empty your savings to do so…Absolutely not.

There have been countless studies regarding the “middle class” of different cultures. And certain cultures rather poor or middle class have the same net worth whereas the disparity between the 2 classes of other cultures ranges in some cases upwards of $100k. This leads to the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Most individuals are 2 paychecks away from bankruptcy where the end goal at a minimum should be a year of disposable income.

While some will argue the case that some are dealt better hands, trust funds, et cetera, the truth of the matter is that all scenarios can be overcome but our world is very lazy and pointing a finger is much easier than raising a hand and doing the footwork towards achieving the “goals” we spend countless hours gawking over on the tell-a-vision dummy box. I believe a person should award themselves at different milestones. And a milestone does not involve a bi-weekly paycheck.

It’s one thing to generate $100,000 in income but do something after you have sacrificed for several years and paid off a student loan and your credit cards and saved up $30-40,000 before upgrading your vehicle because additional debt and monthly expenses have a tendency to lead to exponential increases in debt.

“I already owe on my credit card. What’s a little more towards my limit.”

My mother, who has impeccable credit, taught me that to build your credit, never use it unless you can pay it off by the end of the month. View it, not as additional income or savings, but as a means to build credit so that you can make larger purchases later. And if you need to work a little extra to achieve your goals, do it. I’d rather work hard now while I am still able than to be 60-65 and depending on my children to support me. Because my company does not provide pensions, my 401k was obliterated by the stock market, and I decided to “enjoy” my life and now no one wants to hire me and I’m physically not able to work like I use to head towards the goals I never matched with a deadline.

“A goal without a deadline is a dream. A wish.”

Bill Gates once said in an interview, “It should not be above someone to work at McDonald’s for a while to pay your bills.”

But pride can be hard for people that cannot come to grips with their truth called reality that sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to achieve what you really want out of life.

“You live from 9-5. But you make a living from 6-until.”

If you don’t have the skill necessary to step up, I can sum it up into one word.


If you cannot find it there then find someone that can find it there for you. Because it’s there. If you are not continually improving yourself, then you are quickly becoming obsolete. Anyone can make money, but can you make or change a life. Whether it be your own or your family and future legacy. Money is not the end…but merely a means to get there.