I was watching a trailer for a movie, “Whiplash” and a statement was made that made me start to think. “There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘good job'” So i asked my co-workers what their thoughts were and compared them to my own. and my personal opinion is that in a way it is correct. For example, if you complete a task or accomplish something in sports or any avenue in your life, think about how you feel if i were to say “good job” as oppose to if i said, “okay job” personally, if someone told me good job i would accept their feed back and would not have any motivation to try harder to better. but “okay job” almost makes me feel that they are not 100% happy with my job and i need to work on being better or doing a “better job” Certain words tend to appease and put a person at a level of comfort so that they do not stretch themselves to be better if they feel that what they are doing is “good” enough. So when speaking to your significant other, your children, your co-workers, or anyone in general that you would like to improve or all around try harder and be better, be very careful in the compliments and words of praise that you give. because you may be hindering their progress even momentarily because “good” enough may lead someone to believe that it is acceptable and they have no reason to improve or be better. i want to always improve in business, personally, and spiritually so that i can provide the best and not the “good” enough for myself and the people that i love that have been around my life for many years or have recently come into my life within the past months.