The thought that where I currently am matters terrifies me. That brings up the age old question,

“Is where and who I am already destined to be…predetermination?”

In my opinion, that is the simplest question to answer besides what came first the chicken or the egg. The chicken. Where else did the egg come from and the egg needed to be incubated by a live chicken and cares for after it hatches. Do not make the questions of life difficult. We all have freewill. This causes a couple of dilemmas that can be good or bad depending on your perception on what you think is possible and “realistic” I’ll sum predetermination up into a story.

“Two brothers were brought in to be interviewed by a therapist/psychologist that wanted to analyze and understand why two brothers who were raised in the same dysfunctional home developed into 2 totally polar opposite personalities. The father was the stereotypical drug addicted, abusive, 3 time offending, alcoholic, non present, and horrible role model to his children. On one end, the older brother was a clone. A mini me of his father in every way. On the other end, the slightly younger brother had a flourishing career, respected family, loving friends, never did drugs and drank an occasional glass of wine and had a perfect track record. So one after the other, the psychologist brought the two men in separately and asked them one simple question.

“Why do you believe that your life has turned out the way that it has?”

The psychologist was almost shocked by their respective answers. It was as if they met before the meeting and agreed to give an identical answer.

“The way that I grew up and living in the home and environment that I was raised in, how else could my life turned out.”

One brother felt that his only choice was to be exactly like his father and the other believed that his only choice was to be exactly opposite of his father.”

And the sad truth to their responses is that they were both absolutely right. Their life and their destiny was totally prophecied and self fulfilled by their undying and unquestioning belief that it was the only possibility. One common theme that I hear from the wealthy and the self made is,

“Do you know the difference between the rich and the poor?”

And there are a million answers. They were more fortunate. Came from better homes. Had better access to education and resources. They are luckier. No matter how many “excuses” a person can come up with if you are honest with yourself, the only real answer is

“The difference between why one person is rich and why another person is poor all comes down to the way that they think. How they think about money, how they think about themselves, their career, their families, their work, their lives, their belief structures and the principles that they live and base their lives and actions on.”

How people see and understand work ethic, investing in oneself and in ones life, how they come to view money and its purpose and means to an end. Luck is created. It is not dropped and wishfully pulled from a magic hat. Personally, I have an insane work ethic along with every successful person that I know. There is no such thing as an overnight success. But there is an “over many nights success.” There was a period of time where I worked every Single day with not one day off for a span of 2 and a half years. When I wrote my book. I wrote on average 5-6 hours per day outside of my 40 hour work week and 10-12 on weekends. There was a span of time that I read 1 book per day for 6 straight months. There was a time when I didn’t have much to my name and I walked from city hall in Brooklyn to the Bronx for a poetry competition because I only had enough money for a trip one way so I decided to use it for my way home. And it was slightly my fault because I was too prideful to ask anyone for help. I can go on and on and on about my sleepless nights, countless business conferences, endless networking events, multitude of free projects I completed so that people learned who I was. I am nothing special but I decided years ago that I would not be out worked and that I would leave a legacy and an empire for my family. I decided to create my destiny and put myself in a position so that my brother does not have to take loans for college, so my mother does not have to currently stress about bills after her retirement, so that my son can go to the best schools. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. Humility is a huge part of my life but people have to stop complaining and thinking that the people that they see achieving success are lucky.

It doesn’t matter how much you like or dislike Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan, or Will Smith or Steve jobs or whoever you decide to pick. They have an insatiable passion to be better and constantly improve. And anyone that knows the people that I mentioned and many others like them, cannot fathom the insane work ethic of being the first one end and the last one to leave. When others are sleeping, we’re working. When others are eating, we’re working. When others are playing, we’re working. But one thing you must also understand is that we “LOVEEEE” what we do so it is a labor of love. We enjoy our long days. It brings a sense of completion and accomplishment in our life.

Destiny is a term that people that refuse to accept the power they have to change their lives use as an excuse to never accomplish what they can but do not believe they will ever achieve. In life, there are reasons and results, and reasons do not matter. You have to believe you can do better. Believe you can be successful. Someone else did not get a promotion or a raise because they were lucky, they received it because they deserved it. Think of it this way.

“If I own a company. Do I want to give someone a position that will hurt my end goal of growing my company because I like him or am I going to put the best person for the job in that job. The answer seems obvious but many people refuse to accept that where they are in life is based solely on a combination of what they believe, the information they take in and the people they surround themselves with. If you introduce me to your 5 closest friends, I can almost guarantee you that I can tell you exactly where you are in life, financially and emotionally.

Stop pointing fingers because when you have one going out, you have 3 more pointing back at you. Stop making excuses why, and start creating results of why you can and you will create a life and a destiny of YOUR choosing

God bless
~ Scriptures From A Mad Hand