Everyone in life is in a different place. What’s common place for you may be foreign to someone else even if that person grew up with you or in your circle. Because everyone has different elements effecting their psyche. Their friends. Their classmates. Their family. Their workplace. Their significant others. Everyone has experienced scenarios and situations that have a strong bearing on their belief structure and thus their decision making.

“We may come from the same cloth but we all have different perspectives on fashion.”

We may think that our situation is tougher than our neighbor but we are all built differently to handle our trials and tribulations. Some may advise with no filter from their heart to their mouth. And some may lace with a layer of sugar so that the truth is not so bitter. Some may only tell you what they think you want to hear. Yet others may feel it’s not their place to add their 2 cents because we can’t take into account what is remaining in another person’s personal balance.

Some act to please others and some act to ‘only’ please themselves. But in the end, every decision we make is just a reflection of our own inner selfishness to get closer to pleasure and away from pain. If I donate to charity. Yes, I want to help the cause but it also makes me feel good. One staple aspect of ethics is that you can never 110% declare what you will do in a given situation because we are emotional creatures and what we would never do today we would not even think twice about before doing┬áin another. If I told you to cross a 100 yard wooden plank 50 stories up connecting 2 buildings for $100,000, you probably would not do it. But if I asked you to cross during a windy storm and your child was in a burning building on their other side, then it wouldn’t even be a choice. All you would see is the safety of your child not the financial gain or your own safety.

We all have experienced pain and loss and spend countless hours throughout our life wondering ‘WHY ME!?’ Join the club. It’s not just you. I was once told

“Take all your problems and throw it in a bucket along with everyone around you and then let everyone pick someone else’s problems and I guarantee that you will beg for yours back.”

Because you are familiar with your problems and have developed a pattern and habit of dealing with them. You don’t like them but you have found ways to cope with some and maybe not so much with others but you definitely may have never even contemplated someone else’s problem. Some can numb out physical pain and some have tried to ignore the emotional but the pain is still there. Some have learned to cope and some never will. Some feel they have done nothing wrong and some enjoy wronging others because it “validates” them as a person. Some believe that they are okay and the trauma they have endured in no way has effected them. Some stay in situations because it’s all they know and don’t believe they can do differently no matter how many times they are told to “get it together and move forward” sometime the ones causing our pain may apologize only to repeat the process to us out of habit or intent.

“Empty promises can never fix the cracks in a broken heart”

The only reason that I am writing this because lately I have been noticing a lot of repeating situations and habitual responses, verbally and emotionally’ to these situations. And in some cases I have only noticed and in others I have been asked for my opinion. But if a person ask for an opinion with the sole purpose of hoping that I will validate what they already believe, then you are defeating the purpose of asking for help. I love you all friends and family. I will always be here for you. So don’t believe that you are alone. I am probably much further from perfection from most but I have been honest enough with myself to accept and be open minded enough to accept advices e and act on it if I deem it worthy of my time and effort. Some times I’m right and sometimes I am not but at least I am willing to take the initiative. I have gone to mentors and psychologist, and therapists for help and advise. I may seem random to some people at times and even naive but I guarantee you that,

“Just because I nod or say yes that does not mean I agree or accept what you are saying, that is just my way of acknowledging that I heard you.”

“Be quick to listen but slow to respond because the next thing you say may effect you and the people around you….lives”

“Always be open to change because if you don’t change what you are doing or how you think then you will never change your current situation”

Be methodical but flexible to changing conditions. Because a person that won’t change, can’t change. And as simple as that may sound, people have been missing the point all their lives. Be blessed and stay positive Facebook family