Fear is an illusion, danger is real. Fear is the intangible belief that something bad will happen that is created in one’s mind that hinders them from being the best they can be and halts them from being the person that they are destined to be. A well known acronym, F.E.A.R, False Evidence Appearing Real or False Expectations About Reality. Living a life full of fear will only create a self fulfilling prophecy, Failure Expected And Received. If you believe anything long and hard enough, then the mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie. it only accepts what you tell it as the truth and finds every possible excuse or reason to create what you believe to be true. Never forget that “Expectation and Perception is Reality”

Belief is a controlling power in every aspect of one’s life. for example, at any point in time, i can say i will do “x” amount of pushups and for “some reason” i can only do that amount. if that number is 30 or 100. they never become difficult until i reach the goal i set for myself. so stop setting barriers that cap your potential and shoot for the heavens and achieve the stars. Sadly enough, it took me many years to believe i could make a certain income, or i could build a business that would stretch internationally, or could have a balance between my business and my personal life because i never believed that i was worthy to have the things that i wanted. or that the people that i deserved would come and “stay” in my life. i wasn’t ready to accept success. But when i accepted that i was “worthy” people and “success” began to enter my life in ways that i could only imagine. and what i imagined began to become my reality. and this is only the beginning. i will leave a legacy and whomever wants to join the ride. be ready to earn a place in my life because i don’t have time for tagalongs. only drivers. and people that believe in my vision and their vision of what this world holds for our future.