A poet named Suli Breezy asked a question that put me into a state of self-reflection.

“Why do we treat the opposite sex like Santa Claus, after we hit a certain age, we stop believing in them?”

Why does another person’s actions turn our heart cold. People treat their feelings like a one way directional garage door. Each negative action lowers it slightly until the point that it is closed and then we do not let anyone else in. Isn’t it ironic how our friends can piss us off more than an enemy ever could? Why? Because we respect their opinion and what they say and do to us. Perspective is reality. Two people can say the exact same thing but if you respect what one person says to you, then their words will effect you in a totally different way. You know when you love someone when having a fight with that person effects how you sleep and work.

Feelings are so brittle yet the bonds are unbreakable. If I asked you to cross the wooden plank over a 300 foot distance, 1 mile above the ground you would look at me like i was crazy. But if I told you that your child or loved one was on the other side in a burning building, you would not even have a second thought or hesitation because you know that you would not be able to live with yourself if you did not run to their aide without question. Many have broken and died because of this powerful feeling and emotion but have also overcome all obstacles and limitations at the mere mention of achieving for the benefit for the person that they love.

Do I Love? if you have to ask that question or if there is any doubt, then you’ve already answered your question. Love is very easy but extremely difficult, if not impossible to explain in words. It has brought me immense pain but in the same it has given me a level of joy and undeniable happiness that I can never deny that I cannot imagine life without it. First to God. Second, an unconditional love for myself and my well being. And Third to the people that I cannot imagine life without. Because if i cannot love myself and take care of my own life, then I obviously cannot do anything for the people that I love because Love does not pay bills, provide shelter, or put food in anyone’s stomach. so If I cannot do for me than I can never truly love anyone else.

Love yourself. Be true to yourself. Be the best you that you can be because everyone else is already taken.