Welcome To Our Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Sharing experiences. Sharing moments. Sharing pain and struggle. Sharing love, blessings, and joy. We all must express ourselves to a willing ear and an open heart.

Who Is “The Mad Hand”

My mission and vision is a place where anyone from any place in any situation with their own philosophies can share their story and learn from the stories and life experiences of each other to better this community financially, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically
The human race is of one accord and are playing the same game but on different playing fields. The horizon is a perspective that from the viewpoint of the observer seems as if the world comes to an end but if you continue forward reaching and striving for a seemingly unachievable goal. We cannot reach the horizon but the point where the horizon seems is a definite place in time and space. 
This community will always be a safe haven for anyone and everyone to come together and bond with strangers which are only friends yet to be met so that we can all grow stronger together.
Any goal with a lasting and global scale effect cannot be achieve alone. Any goal that can be reached alone is a selfish goal because that means the individual plans on achieving without the help, assistance and comradery of the T.E.A.M 

Meet the Mad Hand

James WoodsA Mad Hand
A published author, traveled poet, software consultant to fortune 100 companies, speaker and entrepreneur that wants to make global change one person at a time