Scriptures From A Mad Hand

We all think it but sometimes we must let go and allow our heart to speak, utilizing our hands as a vessel for interpretation!

Reality Check

Theory behind Self Fulfilling Prophecies

November 3rd, 2019|0 Comments

I was doing some research on health and lifestyles and came across some very interesting [...]

Compromise of Perspective

October 30th, 2019|0 Comments

Through my many years, many have asked me why people tend to flock towards me [...]

The Circles That Create Your Reality

June 14th, 2017|0 Comments

Everyone reaches a point in there life where to break through to success you have [...]

Out The Box

Trust is given. Respect is earned. Relationships are shared. Bonds are forged through struggle and perseverance together but can be broken in an instant. But love. Unconditional love can never dissipate fade. No matter what happens. No matter what level of pain or joy or the extremity of circumstance. TRUE love is forever until one’s dying day.
James Woods, A Mad Hand
2 Things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.
James Woods, A Mad Hand
If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, then you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody.
James Woods, A Mad Hand
There is no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A. If you don’t whole heartedly believe in your plan then Plan A rarely works if you feel its too difficult and you’ll always wonder if plan B is what you really want.
James Woods, A Mad Hand
Be the best you that you can be because everyone else is already taken. You can only be the 2nd best someone else but you will always be the best you the world has ever seen.
James Woods, A Mad Hand